A Goodwill mission promoting friendship through civilian aviation.

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PrideFlight2018 is about Goodwill, Friendship, Education, Understanding and it’s about Aviation. The PrideFlight2018 project was born out of a late-night idea of what we could do to make a difference in a world that seems to full of misconceptions and hostility toward LGBT communities. The concept seemed simple enough, fly around the world fostering friendship and goodwill between LGBT people and our allies from every corner of the globe while flying a beloved WWII era DC-3.


This flight will be by no means an easy task for the aircraft and the crew and both will be pushed to the limits of their endurance as we fly legs over sometimes treacherous terrain, expansive oceans, and hostile countries. There will be so many unknowns that it would be impossible to list them all here such as the availability of fuel, anti-LGBT countries that could potentially deny us safe passage or services, and of course just the normal challenges every pilot faces, mechanical failure and weather.


So why do this? Why take the risk? Why try at all? Because in the end, PrideFlight2018 is about bringing people together, it’s about unity, not divisiveness. It’s about recognizing that we have much more in common as human beings than we do differences and it’s about helping others regardless of sexual orientation, religion, gender or race whenever and wherever we can. And of course, it is about flying the legendary DC3.

The Mission:

PrideFlight2018 is an around the world goodwill journey of a restored DC-3. The flight is a show of support for LGBT communities, organizations, and groups worldwide who are still fighting for basic human rights. Our goal is to provide a spotlight as a result of The Bag Lady landing that they might not otherwise receive. The Bag Lady will carry an inspirational message of friendship and goodwill from LGBT Americans to governments, organizations, and people across the globe.

Breaking Records:

The Bag Lady will also break barriers by setting a record of having the first LGBT aviator successfully circumnavigate the globe while bringing a positive focus to our community through aviation.

Our Kickstarter Goal:

We'll need international support to help us meet our goal! On May 1st, we will begin our Kickstarter Campaign with a goal of $100,000 USD to purchase the plane. Be a part of history by supporting the first LGBT pilot to circle the globe. Our contributors can expect a wide variety of rewards, from dog tags, t-shirts, and even a chance to fly on the Bag Lady herself!

Check us out on Kickstarter HERE

The Plan

  • Phase 1:

    Acquire the plane and relocate it to Indianapolis

  • Phase 2:

    Complete funding process for flight/Mission Planning

  • Phase 3:

    Overhaul the aircraft engines, systems, interior and exterior

  • Phase 4:

    Depart Indianapolis - PrideFlight 2018 begins!

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Our project is live! Check us out on Kickstarter HERE

Why is the plane called the Bag Lady?

When it came time to find a name for the plane we did not have to think too hard or too long before we knew what we wanted the name to be. We work with and support an organization right here in Indianapolis that raises money for LGBT organizations that provide support and services for people afflicted with AIDS and HIV and have been doing so selflessly since 1981. The Indy Bag Ladies are a group of men who have been dressing in drag and putting on shows to raise money for several worthy organizations here in town for over 35 years. I am honored and privileged to have their permission and blessing to bestow the name " The Bag Lady" on the plane that will bring hope and inspiration to LGBT communities across the globe

The Bag Lady Name

This organization got their name from an article in a New York City newspaper that described the New York “Bag Ladies” as being fun and campy with lots of “Chutzpa!” When we first started organizing this project we came up with the idea of partnering with this group of Drag Queens because they represented the spirit of what this whole project was about and that was giving back. We decided to put the Founder and Queen Mother, Coby Palmer aka “Blossom” on the nose of the plane and bestow “The Bag Lady” as her new name. For more information, check out the Indy Bag Ladies on Facebook: The Bag Ladies Facebook

Want to learn more about the Bag Ladies? Check out their Facebook by clicking the badge below.


Meet the crew manning the Bag Lady

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PrideFlight2018 prepares to launch Kickstarter Campaign! Well the day is almost here.  After months of agonizing, planning and development the time is almost upon us to launch the Kickstarter campaign to complete the purchase of the plane.  I would be a liar if I didn’t confide in you that I am nervous.  I have...

Happy Anniversary!

PrideFlight2018 Update – The Eagle   It will be one year in October since I announced the launch of the PrideFlight2018 project and man what a rollercoaster ride this last year has been.  When I first thought of the idea of flying around the globe on a goodwill mission I thought surely the LGBTQ community would...

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