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PrideFlight2018 prepares to launch Kickstarter Campaign!

Well the day is almost here.  After months of agonizing, planning and development the time is almost upon us to launch the Kickstarter campaign to complete the purchase of the plane.  I would be a liar if I didn’t confide in you that I am nervous.  I have never launched a Kickstarter before and from what I have read even the best designed campaign can fail to reach its funding goals if not enough people are aware of it or believe in the project.  Kickstarter is an “All or Nothing” model so there is no partial funding if we fail to reach our goal and that’s the scariest part.



A successful campaign means that we can move forward to complete the purchase of the plane and begin the process of getting it here in Indianapolis, but an unsuccessful campaign will mean that we need to learn more about what we can do in the next round to make it successful.  My team and I have worked hard to put together a presentation that we hope resonates with people that will see the campaign, but with these types of projects you just don’t know what will or will not click with people.



I am proud of the people involved so far who have given so much of their time and creativity to make this work and I know that whatever happens we will continue to work hard to make PrideFlight2018 a reality.  Beginning this week, we are launching all the social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and will begin posting updates, photos and videos.  In addition, I think we have finally worked out the last remaining details for the website www.prideflight2018.com and it is looking great!


Our marketing team will be sending out an email blast to LGBTQ organizations worldwide announcing this project and seeking their support.  We will also be issuing a press release while reaching out to media contacts, LGBTQ celebrities and influencers worldwide in hopes of getting their help to spread the word.


I am confident that my team will do its very best to launch a successful campaign and will work hard during the subsequent 30 days after the launch to help us reach our goal.  I realize that this project is so large in scope that I know some will not be able to wrap their arms around it, but all it will take is an army of small donors to help reach our goal and bring the Bag lady home to Indy.  I hope all of you that are reading this will help us make our campaign successful by liking our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PrideFlight2018/, visiting our website http://www.prideflight2018.com and supporting our Kickstarter campaign www.kickstarter.com/prideflight2018 and sharing these links with your network.

I know that sometimes when you try to do something extraordinary there will be those that want to drag you down, discourage you and dismiss your attempt, but that has never stopped me from trying before and it won’t now.

I believe that PrideFlight2018 has the potential to inspire people from every community around the globe and in these troubled and tumultuous times I think trying to set the record of being the first openly gay pilot to circumnavigate the globe flying a DC3 is something worthy of people’s support, don’t you?